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Welthungerhilfe seeks to engage the services of an expert in cocoa fermentation to conduct training on fermentation and tasting of cocoa samples and support the improvement of fermentation protocols in Sierra Leone and to support the development of a unique fine flavour profile. This consultancy is divided in 2 phases: The first one is scheduled in 2020 for the analysis of the status quo, the Training of Trainers and the set-up of the protocol for a series of experiments and The second in 2021 for the validation of protocols and flavor profiles. At the end of phase 2 of the consultancy several different single-origin fine flavor profiles will have been developed and validated with the purpose to participate at an international Fine Flavor Cocoa Tasting Event. The present call for proposals is only for the first phase! A: Overall goal The goals of this consultancy are to enable project staff and associates to implement and train farmers on tested and approved innovative fermentation and post-harvest processing protocols and to enhance the production of high quality cocoa with distinct flavor profiles. B: Objectives: 1. Train project partners (ToT) on fermentation and tasting 2. Participatory development, set-up and evaluation of fermentation experiments Background: The ADORE project under the EU Boosting Agriculture & Food Security (BAFS) Programme, has a lifespan of 4 years (start in December 2019) and is implemented by a consortium of different partners. The objective is to bring value-added cocoa products to the domestic, the European and the North American markets by stimulating agribusiness growth, building on inclusive value chain partnerships and promoting an enabling policy environment. While almost all cocoa beans are currently leaving the country to be further processed elsewhere around the globe, the ADORE project works on processing and transformation of the cocoa from bean to premium chocolate and cocoa liquor for the confectionary industry


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Fine flavor cocoa fermentation expert for training
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