Lot F2 - Delivery of emergency power supply system to DIN Forsyning Varme A/S

The RFT has ended, you cannot answer the invitation.

Dear Tenderers


This invitation to tender concerns the procurement of 253537, Delivery of emergency power supply system to DIN Forsyning Varme A/S for DIN Forsyning Varme A/S.



The invitation to tender is implemented as a restricted procedure with negotiation in accordance with the procedure laid down in section 6(2) in ()The Danish Tender Act of 6. June 2007 (Bekendtgørelse af lov om indhentning af tilbud på visse offentlige og offentligt støttede kontrakter samt lov nr. 338 af 18. maj 2005 om indhentning af tilbud i bygge- og anlægssektoren med de ændringer, der følger af lov nr. 572 af 6. juni 2007, med senere ændringer. 

Only prequalified enterprises will have an opportunity to submit tenders.



As Applicant/Tender you log in in the interned-based eSourcing system CTM (in the upper left corner – if you do not have a login you should first register online). Afterwards you will be able to see instruction to tenderers which include general information, prequalification conditions, tender conditions and appendix that need to be submitted to be prequalified.

No fees are paid for preparation of application and tender documents or participation in the tendering process.

  1. Before you can log in to the system you have to click accept. Please note, that when you click “accept”, you do not undertake to submit an application for participation, but merely accept that you have been granted access to “instruction to tenderers”.
  2. By accepting, you gain access to “Instruction to tenderers” and you can now read the prequalification conditions. The application must consist of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), in which the requested information, must be provided. The ESPD is a self-declaration form which serves as initial documentation that the Applicant, Other Entities or the Association meets the criteria for exclusion, suitability and selection. This information must subsequently be verified.
  3. Please notice that application deadline is 2020-12-04 10:00:00 Danish Time Zone. Otherwise your application for prequalification will not be received by DIN Forsyning Varme A/S.


In the bottom left corner under “show documents” you will find a guide to use this system.


Further information:

No supplementary or elaborate material, including tender condition, can be obtained for this tender.

In case of technical questions regarding the use of the system, you are welcome to contact EU Supply Support at telephone +45 70 20 80 14 or email to dksupport@eu-supply.com (mailto:dksupport@eu-supply.com). Questions about the actual tender must be asked to DIN Forsyning Varme A/S via the message module inside the eSourcing system.

Answers to any prequalification questions will be published in the system.


Yours sincerely


Laila Juncker