22/04641 - Mobile compressor service to Kildedal project

The RFT has ended, you cannot answer the invitation.
RFT is cancelled
The RFT is cancelled by authority. It is not possible to submit response on this RFT.

Dear bidder, 


Energinet welcomes you to the request for quotation with negotiation 312376, Mobile compressor service to Kildedal project. Procurement procedures below the threshold
The request for quotation with negotiation will be conducted via EU-Supply.


 Quotation-specific information:

  • All questions from a potential bidder to Energinet regarding this quotation must be conducted via EU-Supply (Question and Answer feature) unless otherwise indicated in the quotation material.
  • Answers to questions regarding content and process will be published in EU-Supply in an anonymous form visible to all invited bidders.
  • Please note that both Energinet's and the bidders’ actions are logged in the system.
  • Bids must be submitted through this system and before the quotation deadline expires. It will not be possible to submit bids after the deadline.
  • The deadline for submitting bids is 2022-12-09 12:00:00 Danish local time. 

Follow these instructions in order to participate in this Energinet quotation:

  1. Log into the system and click Accept. Be aware that when you pressaccept”, you do not commit to submiting a bid, but have just accepted that you have been given access to the 
    quotation material.
  2. You can now compile and submit a bid in accordance with the requirements in the quotation material.
  3. Be aware that the bid must be submitted before the deadline 2022-12-09 12:00:00 Danish local time. Otherwise, your bid will not be accepted by Energinet.

Other information:

  • For technical questions about the system, please contact EU Supply's ´support by phone +45 70 20 80 14 or mail dksupport@eu-supply.com 



Kirsten Ebstrup