22/08565 - Site Wind Conditions Assessment Report Offshore Wind-farms North Sea and Baltic Sea

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Following the Climate Agreement for Energy and Industry in June of 2020, the Danish Parliament initiated the establishment of an offshore wind energy island in the North Sea. This offshore wind energy island consists of an artificial island, which is to be constructed on a shallow bank approximately 90-100 kilometers off the west coast of Jutland and is surrounded by offshore wind turbine generators. This will, by 2033, initially have the capacity to cater a 3 GW grid connection, which will later be scaled up 10 GW. In November 2020 Energinet was instructed by the Danish Energy Agency to initiate site investigations and supplementary studies and analyses in preparation for the artificial island and offshore wind farms. This tender concerns the acquisition of a consultancy service to do a wind site assessment regarding the metocean conditions that will form part of the larger site conditions assessment and will serve as a basis for the design of the artificial island. The consultant is to assess the normal and extreme metocean conditions within the site of the new artificial energy island, located in the Danish North Sea. The assessment is expected to begin in Q1 of 2023 (mid january 2023). The full suite of tender documents, including tender conditions, scope of services and contract draft will be issued to the prequalified applicants upon prequalification.

05/12/2022 10:00:00

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Site Wind Conditions Assessment Report Offshore Wind-farms North Sea and Baltic Sea
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