23/00682 - Advertisement of service of mass spectrometer systems

The RFT has ended, you cannot answer the invitation.

Dear interested

Statens Serum Institute welcomes you to bid on 320491, Advertisement of service of mass spectrometer systems.

If your company is interested in participating in the advertisement, it requires online registration in the Internet-based eSourcing system CTM (EU-Supply). It is free to register as a user in the system, and once the company has been set up, access is gained to all Statens Serum Institut's tenders, including the future ones.

After registration, the company can log in and see the tender material, including all questions / requirements that your company must answer and fulfill as well as the associated documents, which must be submitted as part of the total offer.



Follow the instructions below when your company is to participate in one of the Statens Serum Institute's advertisement:

Log in to the system click on accept. Please note that when you press accept, you do not undertake to submit offers, but have simply accepted that you have been given access to the available material.

By accepting, you gain access to the relevant material. You can now answer the questions and quotes submitted as well as attach the documents specified in the advertisement.

Please note that quotations must be submitted via eSourcing system CTM (EU-Supply) before the deadline expires on the 24th of March at 1 PM local time. Otherwise, your offer will not be considered.



Supplementary or in-depth material, including advertisement material, cannot be requested. All correspondence between a potential supplier and the Statens Serum Institut takes place via EU-Supply.

Please note that both the Statens Serum Institute's and the offerer's actions are logged in the system.

For technical questions regarding the use of the system, please contact EU Supply Support by phone +45 70 20 80 14 or email to (mailto: support@eu-supply.com (mailto:support@eu-supply.com))

Questions about the advertisement itself must be asked to the Statens Serum Institute via the message module inside EU-Supply.

Answers to these bidding questions are published in the system, where they are available to everyone.

With best regards


August Jakobsen


Statens Serum Institute