6 GW Offshore Wind Farms - Denmark - Market Dialogue

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31-12-2023 12:30:00

45000000-7  Construction work
31121320-9  Wind turbines
31121330-2  Wind turbine generators
31121340-5  Wind farm
45244000-9  Marine construction works
45244100-0  Marine installations
31170000-8  Transformers
31213400-6  Distribution system
31160000-5  Parts of electric motors, generators and transformers
31300000-9  Insulated wire and cable

Klima-, Energi- og Forsyningsministeriet
Rentemestervej 8
København K

Nikolaj Kirkegaard Knudsen

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01. Prior information notice (TED (v209)) 30-06-2023 13:12
6 GW Offshore Wind Farms - Denmark - Market Dialogue
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