8907 - Purchase of Anaerobic Chamber

DTU requires a custom vinyl anaerobic chamber with appropriate support. The measurements are fixed since we must use the space inside to position a robot. The custom measurements must be 260 cm L x 97 cm D x 102 cm H, while the system size should be 305 cm L x 105 cm D x 102 cm H. Besides the structure, other tools for creating and preserving the right air conditions are need-ed, precisely: a feedthrough adapter cable, a Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Column, a Recirculating HEPA filtration system, a Dehumidifier, an Anaerobic Gas Infuser, a Catalyst Box, and an Anaero-bic Monitor. Lastly, we need an incubator able to be regulated at temperatures up to 40°C. The measurements of the instrument should not occupy a lot of space, as it will also be positioned in-side the anaerobic chamber.

02/05/2024 12:00:00

38000000-5  Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses)

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Purchase of Anaerobic Chamber
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